Gadgets, and leisure accessories


Gadgets, and leisure accessories

This category is dedicated to leisure accessories and gadgets that could always serve you in your everyday life.
We group here, trendy objects, quality / price always at the top.

Chargers and backup batteries

Here you will find emergency batteries / power banks that are needed today to save you from a phone battery failure.
Also recharge your electronic devices such as GoPro on-board cameras, mobile speakers, your GPS, or mobile phones.

GPS spy tracker

You want to monitor your children, or your relatives, or monitor your car fleet?
Think of our GPS plotters that work with a SIM card.
With our application and our server, you will have access to the real-time movement of your vehicle or your loved ones.
Also accessible from your iPhone / android application for free, with no limit of access and no obligation!

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"These running boards made my car look nicer! installation took me about 1,5 hours."