Tuning, spare and accessory Kia Sportage 2016 parts

Kia Sportage 2016-

Spare parts, tuning and accessories Kia Sportage IV

Welcome to the category dedicated to the Kia Sportage 4!
La Kia Sportage 4 succeeded the 2011-2015 model
Kia Sportage 4 begins in 2016.

In essence, we have the 1.6 GDi 1.6 T - GDi version.
diesel, there are also two engines: 1.7 IDRC of 115 HP and 2.0 CRDi 136/185 HP.

We have grouped all the parts for repair, dress up famous, custom, or equip your Kia Sportage.
body parts: hood, front or rear, left or right mirror, wing prior to right or left bumper, headlight passenger or driver, the late rear spoilers and.

Tuning parts: led lights, the walking foot for your comfort and dress up famous, the led tuning headlamps, etc.

The essential accessories: the walking foot for Kia Sportage 2016, the armrest, roof bars, sport grille, or 3d rubber carpets.

All our products are adaptable rooms, interchangeable with the original constructor part.
our parts are not original constructor.

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"These running boards made my car look nicer! installation took me about 1,5 hours."