Xenon bulb

Xenon bulbs

Retrovuez in this category several types ofxenon bulbs
You will have the choice with the following models:
-xenon H1 bulb,
-xenon H3 bulb,
-xenon H4 bulb,
-bulb xenon H4 headlamps, 
-xenon H7 bulb,
-H9 xenon bulb, 
-D1S xenon bulb, 
-D1R xenon bulb,
-xenon D2S bulb,
-xenon D2R bulb,
-D3R xenon bulb,
-xenon D3S bulb.

The list of these bulbs will be updated regularly on the basis of the new.
The Xenon bulbs H1, H4 or H7 will be ideal to replace bulbs coming from xenon Kit standard. 
Xenon bulbs are available in different colors. The most common are the following:
-bulb 4300K,
-bulb 6000K (pure white),
-bulb 8000K (blue dominant),.
Other models to rare existeant like the 10000K (purple tint) bulb.
It is generally advised to change both at the same time, in order to avoid differences in colour between the right and left side. 

All our products are of adaptable partsinterchangeable with the original constructor part.
Our parts are not original constructor.

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Xenon bulbs

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